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"On behalf of the Autodesk Finance team I want to congratulate your agency and the whole team for the excellent organization of our Lisbon Offsite event. The location and events were ideally suited for our needs and budget, the organization seamless and al paritcipants have enjoyed their stay very much. Thank you very much! Looking forward to cooperate again for another event, I remain with best regards, Bernd Gladden / E & E Converntion Management München"
Selected Events
  • Crédit Agricole Nord France

    Jan 2017
    220 pax

    May 2018
    90 px

    April 2018
    50 pax
  • Seminaire Thea

    March 2018
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  • The place to be

    10 Reasons for Portugal

    Portugal is the place to be. Right now and in future. But there is more to see, feel and experience than its pristine coastline and rich history. Find out in our Portuguese Manifest


    The Title is ours!

    Portugal has won the prestigious award as „Best European and World Destination“ at the 2017’ World Travel Awards. Beyond that, our tiny country has over performed all remaining destinations


    Experience Pastel Shades

    „Colour is the place where our brain and the universe meet.“ (P. Klee) Is Lisbon’s light different? Yes, it is! Read more about the unique play of colour and light that makes us feel special


    Climb the Bridge!

    What can you expect from Pilar 7 - Lisbon’s latest attraction that allows a unique discovery of Ponte 25 de Abril, one of the prettiest bridges in the world? We know more

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